Phylum Press Chapbooks & Pamphlets

Phylum Press publishes several pamphlets and chapbooks each year. Pamphlets include Shores by Joel Bettridge (2001), 6 by Graham Foust (2001), True to Scale by Susan Briante (2001), ReIvival by Peter Gizzi (2002), Emulation Etudes by Kristin Prevallet (2002), Cuba by Michael Kelleher (2002), Dear [Blank], I Believe in Other Worlds by Lorraine Graham (2003), Vocative by Anthony Hawley (2004), Even Song for the Lost Pollinators by Daniel Bouchard (2004), Webs of Argiope by Laynie Browne (2004), and The Blue Book by Anna Moschovakis (2005), Disturbances in the Ocean of Air by Eléna Rivera (2005), Words About James by Matthew Cooperman (2006), The Eyelash Project by Nancy Kuhl and Allison McElroy (2007), the elusive object by michael forstrom (2007), and Sooner by Kenneth Jacobs (2009) and Hinge by Caitlin Mitchell.

Chapbooks include Language of the Dog-Heads by Cathy Eisenhower (2001), Amulet | Anatomy by Roberto Tejada (2002), Tulips by Charles North and Trevor Winkfield (2004), United States by Dan Featherston (2004), The Opiate of Words by Logan Esdale (2006), The Golem by Elizabeth Robinson (2007), Crawl Space by Suzanne Heyd (2007), and Dear Photographer by Jason Labbe (2009).

Phylum Press has been awarded a grant from The Fund for Poetry. Phylum Press books have been reviewed in the Chicago Review, Washington Review, CutBank Reviews, H_ng M_n, Rain Taxi, The Hold, and in Shearsman. American Letters & Commentary issue 20 included a special section featuring Phylum Press ephemera.

Cathy Eisenhower’sLanguage of the Dog-Heads was selected for inclusion in the 2002 Bookmobile Project touring exhibition. A brief commentary about Phylum Press written by Richard Deming recently appears in the Italian journal Semicerchio: Rivista di poesia comparata.